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Love (U.S. 2022) Forever Postage Stamps 100 pcs

Love (U.S. 2022) Forever Postage Stamps 100 pcs

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20 stamps/page * 5 pages. You got 100 stamps in total.


Background: The two new Love stamps celebrate the joy that flowers bring. Inspired by old European folk art, the stamps feature digital illustrations with similar designs: three round, stylized blooms ranging symmetrically along the top, with smaller round blossoms in each of the lower corners. The background color of one stamp is powder blue, and the other is coral. Twisting vines, which hold small multi-petaled flowers, form abstract heart shapes. The letters of the word "LOVE" are interspersed among the decorative vines. Bailey Sullivan designed the stamps and created the original art. Greg Breeding was the art director.


The Scott catalogue numbers for this issue are:
5660 (58) Love - blue gray background
a. Imperforate
5661 (58) Love - pink background
a. Imperforate
b. Horiz. or vert. pair, #5660-5661
c. Imperforate horiz. or vert. pair, #5660a-5661a

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