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Eid Greetings Stamps 2016 Forever Stamp 100 pcs

Eid Greetings Stamps 2016 Forever Stamp 100 pcs

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20 stamps/page * 5 pages. You got 100 stamps in total.



The Muslim prophet Muhammad observed the first Eid (or celebration) with his followers after winning the Battle of Badr.  

In 622, the Muslims left their homes in Mecca because of religious persecution and settled in Medina.  They raided caravans along the trade route to Mecca as a means of economic survival and as revenge for being forced from their homes.

During the spring of 624, 1,000 camels laden with goods were headed to Mecca.  Muhammad and his small army of 313 men set out for the oasis at Badr to intercept the caravan.  When the nobles in Mecca found out about the planned raid, they joined forces to protect their possessions. 

The two armies met, with the Meccan forces three times as numerous as Muhammad’s troops.  Three champions from each side fought first, and all three men from Mecca were killed.  A full-scale attack followed.  The Muslim holy book, the Quran, reports thousands of angels came from Heaven and terrorized the enemy.  The large army fled.  This victory increased the prophet’s reputation and led to the expansion of Islam.

Muhammad’s men, who had fasted before battle, feasted that evening.  Today, Muslims celebrate the breaking of fasts with Eid festivities of their own.

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