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POSTCARD Stamps: Barns Postcard Stamps 2021 (100 pcs) - Not First-Class Forever Stamps

POSTCARD Stamps: Barns Postcard Stamps 2021 (100 pcs) - Not First-Class Forever Stamps

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20 postcard stamps/page * 5 pages. You got 100 postcard stamps in total.

Attention: These are "POSTCARD" Stamps, intended for mailing postcards.

The label "Not Forever Stamps" indicates that these stamps are not the standard Forever Stamps used for first-class letters, which are currently valued at 68 cents.

While these stamps are designed for postcards, they can be used for mailing letters, but you will need to use two of these stamps to cover the full postage of a standard letter.


Background: The artist created digital paintings of four types of iconic barns found in the rural American landscape. With differing qualities of light and color, each piece also reflects one of the four seasons: a round barn surrounded by the hazy light and warm colors of fall; a gambrel-roofed barn in summer; a forebay barn in an early spring countryside; and a Western barn on a winter's night.
There is something about barns that appeals to almost everyone, evoking nostalgia for a lost way of life-an imagined simpler time even the most devoted city dweller. Barns have deep roots in American culture, reflecting the heritage of generations who worked the land.
The construction of many older barns required individuals with the skills to lay the foundation, cut the timbers, raise the frame, and sheath and roof the structures. Built to last, these historic farm buildings still dot our rural landscape.

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