Trust in Every Stamp: A Promise of Authenticity

Dear valued stamp collectors and correspondents,

In today's digital age, it's unfortunate but true that counterfeit stamps are becoming more common in online marketplaces. These fakes can be frustrating and misleading, causing headaches for those who just want to send a letter or add to their collection.

Thankfully, there's a reliable way to ensure the stamps you buy are genuine. One of the best methods is using ultraviolet (UV) lights. Real stamps have special ink that lights up under a UV light—a clear sign they're authentic. Counterfeits, missing this unique ink, won't have that telltale glow, making UV lights an excellent tool for verification.

Now, you might wonder where our stamps come from. We're proud to share that we give a new lease on life to stamps from businesses that have unfortunately had to close their doors. This not only helps prevent waste but also allows us to offer these stamps at a discounted price to you. Before any stamp reaches your hands, we meticulously inspect each one to ensure they're in perfect condition: unused, unbent, and absolutely authentic.

When you choose to buy stamps from us, you're choosing stamps that have been cared for and verified with the utmost attention to detail. Our commitment is to provide you with a product you can trust, so you can continue to send mail and grow your collections with confidence.

Warm regards,

Forever Stamps Shop